The ratio of risk and reward when trading

2023/03 03 09:03

Main – The risk-reward ratio is a coefficient designed to calculate the potential profitability of a trading transaction relative to the inherent risk and taking into account the trader’s strategy. RR will allow you to understand whether the transaction is profitable or not. – The risk/reward ratio is calculated after drawing up a trading plan, […]

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How to learn trading from scratch

2023/02 07 02:02

The word trading comes from the verb “trade” and means making transactions with securities, goods or currencies in order to make a profit. Traders are called participants in exchange trading, earning on exchange rate differences. Investors are those who are aimed at obtaining benefits in the future by investing (investing) financial resources. A broker is […]

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(RU) Как научиться трейдингу с нуля

2023/02 07 01:02

Слово трейдинг происходит от английского глагола trade (торговать) и означает совершение сделок с ценными бумагами, товарами либо валютами с целью получения прибыли. Трейдерами называют участников биржевых торгов, зарабатывающих на курсовой разнице. Инвесторами называют тех кто нацелен на получение выгоды в будущем путем вложения (инестирования) финансовых средств. Брокер — компания, предоставляющая физическим и юридическим лицам доступ […]

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The difference between binary and stock options

2023/02 05 23:02

To begin with, it is worth understanding that there are real options, these are stock options that are traded on the derivatives market, for example, on the Moscow Exchange. There are also so-called binary options that have nothing to do with exchange trading. Accordingly, many of the fears of traders regarding the loss of money […]

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(RU) Различие между бинарными и биржевыми опционами

2023/02 05 23:02

Для начала стоит понять, что есть настоящие опционы это биржевые, которые торгуются на срочном рынке, к примеру, на Московской бирже. Еще есть так называемые бинарные опционы, не имеющие с биржевыми торгами ничего общего. Соответственно, многие опасения трейдеров, касающиеся потери денег, связаны с понятием бинарных опционов, которые можно часто увидеть на просторах интернета. Давайте разберем, в […]

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Likely rise of bitcoin above $25,000 in the near future

2023/01 28 07:01
BTC Total Liquidations

Bitcoin has crossed an important level of $22,800. The overcoming of this extremum in the medium term indicates the weakening of the seller’s forces after almost a two-year bear market. For about a week, the first cryptocurrency has been moving in a narrow sideways trend of $23,500-22,500. The second wave of growth without a rollback, […]

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The number of millionaire bankers in Europe has reached a historical record

2023/01 23 06:01

The number of bank employees in the EU countries with an annual salary of more than €1 million in 2021 amounted to more than 1.9 thousand people. This is a record figure for the entire time of data collection, since 2010 When calculating, experts no longer take into account the UK, which left the European […]

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Genesis Crypto Broker Filed for Bankruptcy

2023/01 23 05:01

Crypto exchange Genesis has filed for bankruptcy, which involves the reorganization of the company and the restructuring of its debts. She owes more than $3 billion to creditors. Genesis problems were the result of a crisis in the crypto market, provoked by the collapse of the FTX exchange. Cryptocurrency exchange Genesis has filed for bankruptcy […]

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